About Us

Except for possibly December, January, and February, Camp Victory would like to be available free of charge (by appointment) for all types of outdoor seasonal activities for mobility challenged, veterans, veterans’ groups, and others. Originally, Camp Victory lands were specifically tailored for deer and turkey hunting. These will continue and will have preference as Wisconsin hunting seasons dictate. Hiking, picnicking, bird watching, fishing, star-gazing, snowshoeing, or just enjoying a family outing are all available. Four-wheeling will be permitted if needed by disabled participants, along with service dogs, mechanical chairs, etc.

Parents & Kids

Camp Victory is situated on 255 acres of diverse West Central Wisconsin woodlands and fields. Hardwoods cover about 120 acres while spruce plantations cover approximately 20 acres, both providing food and shelter for wildlife. The remaining 100 acres of forested area consist of fruit trees, other softwoods, and creek bottom. Small fields and food plots of clover, alfalfa, and oak regrowth areas (tree tubes) cover 15 acres and provide food for deer and our feathered friends. A fishing pond with a wheelchair dock and stocked with bluegill is also readily accessible to mobility challenged sportsmen. Winding throughout the property are 3 1/2 miles of wheel-chair accessible gravel roads allowing access to all the outdoor features mentioned above. We recently added six electrically serviced campsites near our south gate and shelter area. Campfire sites also were added. A second well and improved sanitary facilities are planned.

The lodge was constructed in 2002 to provide a daily meeting place, accessible restrooms, warmth and care of harvested game. True half log, hand-peeled, red pine was used as a siding to create a more natural theme for the camp.

Stocked pond

Accessible hunting platforms with blinds have been installed for the comfort of the hunters and to provide camouflage. All seasonal blinds are Doghouse-Total Scent Control; however, five new permanent stick-built blinds are now in place. A stocked fish pond is also on site.

Our south entrance off Rock Creek Road will accommodate vans or small buses. The picnic shelter, restroom area and wildflower fields border the parking areas and connect to the main lodge area (which has a separate entrance) by multiple narrow roads and trails. The south entrance was added primarily to accommodate larger groups and organized field trips for clubs, schools or youth groups. Campsite additions are described in the “Our Grounds” section above.

Finished Blind

In 2019, Wisconsin Adventure on Wheels (WAW) was donated to The Highground. After much consideration, The Highground renamed Wisconsin Adventure on Wheels to Camp Victory. It is now managed by a Camp Board of Directors that falls under The Highground Board of Directors as a division of The Highground. While the names and organizational structure have changed, the mission to support Veterans and their families remains the same!