2018 Archery Whitetail Hunts

2018 WAW Veterans Archery Whitetail Hunts

October 15-18 – “DAV/PVA Veterans”
October 22-25 – Vietnam “In Country” Veterans
October 28-31 – “Purple Hearts” Veterans
November 3-6 – Northern Wisconsin “Combat Vets”
November 9-12 – “Persian Gulf” Veterans

General Information

  1. Hunters report to WAW on Day One (1) between 11:00am and 1:00pm, lunch, check in,k and Archers qualifications before 3:00pm hunt begins.
  2. Hunts end at 11:30am Day Four (4) after late breakfast.
  3. The “Purple Heart” Hunt is the only “exclusive” hunt. Other qualified veterans may register for any of the hunts except Purple Heart. Purple Heart hunters may attend any hunt. We encourage veterans to attend to attend their general categarod time slot unless dates conflict with personal schedules.
  4. Hunts are “Free” to veterans. Veterans must provide Wisconsin Archery License. Check Wisconsin DNR website for veteran benefits regarding licensing.